The Business Case For (Or Against) Service Design

Today at the Service Design Network Conference in San Francisco I presented the Business Case For (Or Against) Service Design.

I care about service design because I come at it as a leader of an organization that design services for our clients. Therefore, it’s in my best interest to know how and why it delivers real value. The more value it creates, the more organization will seek out, use, and pay for our work in service design.

I believe strongly that the approaches and mindset of service design can bring about more human and more empathetic services that connect people and business in better ways. But to forward this potential I focused this presentation hard toward the numbers side to find the spaces where service design has the best economic impact.

Here’s a PDF of the presentation (19.7 MB).

The Business Case For (Or Against) Service Design - Title Slide

This presentation contains some updated versions of some of the market sizing work that I’ve shared in previous posts here. As always, these are my estimates based on the facts as I continue to collect them.

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